Is it Legal to Download Music for Free?

Learn what you need to know about legally downloading music for free. Understand the laws surrounding digital content and how streaming services can help.

Is it Legal to Download Music for Free?

Are you wondering if it's okay to download music for free? Rest assured that very few artists or record labels condone unauthorized copying, which is illegal according to the law. It's easy to download music illegally and hard to get caught - some estimates suggest that 4 out of 5 digital music downloads are illegal. Many people who wouldn't dream of stealing a physical object like a shirt have no qualms about stealing digital content such as music, movies, and e-books. Some may think it's wrong to steal from a store, but not from the internet.

Even those who believe illegal downloading is unethical may still do it because it's so easy. It is those who buy music or pay for streaming services who are responsible for keeping recorded music alive. The same laws apply regardless of whether you find messages on CDs or downloaded music. With the variety of downloadable music sources, you're sure to find something you'll enjoy listening to for a long time.

The only way to legally download music from YouTube is with a YouTube Premium account. However, there are options available to find free and legal music that doesn't harm the artist when you download it. Some artists, like Nine Inch Nails, are part of a movement to make music free and allow fans to download songs and albums for free directly from their websites. A “garage” or non-contract band may want you to download their own music, but bands that own their own music are free to make it legally available through a license.

The several hundred members of the RIAA, ranging from major American musical groups with global reach to artist-owned labels and small businesses, form the world's most vibrant and innovative music community, working to help artists reach their potential and connect with fans, while at the same time that support hundreds of thousands of American Jobs.Downloading music from YouTube can be done from the website itself or by using a third-party application. However, it's important to understand that not all the music you find on YouTube is legal to download. Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube have paid plans that allow you to download music for later listening. I think downloadable music should benefit the artist more since it costs the same as buying a CD but costs much less to deliver it.This resource offers tons of video game music that users can stream and download directly through mirrors or BitTorrent.

Finding free legal music download sites may require some research on your part, but if you do the groundwork, you'll be able to find a lot. One way to legally download music is to get it from a website that asks you to pay for each song individually.

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